The first and the only Futures Studies and Scenario Planning Center in the region aimed to promote foresight practices and scenario planning capabilities for both the public and private sectors in order to anticipate disruption and thrive in the VUCA world.

Professional Courses

We offer world class professional courses taught by International and Regional experts in Foresight, Horizon Scanning, Systems Thinking, Scenario Planning, Early and Weak Signals Identifications, Alternative Futures and World Futures.    

Diploma Programs

Aims to graduate general and domain-specific futurists.  Participants will learn the tools and techniques to develop scenarios to anticipate the plausible futures and being ready for encountering disruptions and surprises. The Futures of  Energy, Transportation,  Security, Government, Health, Education, and Tourism will be addressed in these programs  

Consultancy Services

Our consultants and researchers are experts in supporting organizations in horizon scanning and scenario planning for shaping their future. Our experts are equipped with the tools and techniques that support their clients creating a mental map of the future. We have established partnerships with world-class consulting firms that are experts in horizon scanning foresight and scenario projects. We offer a full research and In-depth studies designed to provide evidence-based analysis on specific research questions and future trends. 

Periodicals and Publications

The centre’s research & studies capabilities are tailored to promote the awareness about the plausible futures in the region. In partnerships with world leading foresight research institutes and universities, the centre issues periodical reviews about the future global trends which have  potential impact on the region.The research of the centre is interdisciplinary, and its staff covers a number of academic disciplines and professional backgrounds, including economics, political science,ethnography, psychology, engineering, public relations and sociology