Systems Thinking


Futures research and foresight are often described as multi-disciplinary, and some would even say “post-disciplinary.” Exploring our possible futures requires acknowledging change wherever it originates. Exploring our possible futures also requires identifying potential impacts wherever they fall across all human activity and throughout the natural world. Good futures work means thinking systemically, that is, considering how things interconnect, and the flow of information, resources, and impacts through those interconnections and out across all the systems with which people interact.


  1. Master approaches to identifying, classifying, and analysing different kinds of systems and systems behaviour (simple; complicated; complex; chaotic);
  2. Master influence mapping / territory mapping of an issue;
  3. Master causal loop diagramming of simple and complicated systems;
  4. Demonstrate an ability to embed systems thinking in futures research and foresight effectively;


40 hours

Targeted Audience

Government and Private Sector Employees and Management


Foresight Certificate