Diploma Programs


The Program will be offered to further enhance individuals’ and organizations’ capabilities in the field of Future Studies. Upon the successful completion of the first four courses, participants will attain a diploma certificate in Foresight. Participants will have the opportunity to continue their education by completing two additional courses and attain a knowledge in a specific domain. The first diploma will focus on the tools whereas the Professional Diploma will be focused on the future of a specific domain.

Participants will have the option to attain a Diploma certificate if they successfully complete four courses: Intro, Systems Thinking, Scenario Planning and Social Changes. However, if participants would be interests to have a deep dive in one or two domains they need to successfully achieve two additional courses which are the Future Research and Alternative Futures.  In these two extra courses students will focus on a specific domain such as the Future of Energy, Future of Education, Health, Security, Agriculture, Government workplace and many others.

Targeted Audience

 Executive and  Senior Management, Strategists and forecasters, Government Entities, Corporates, Public

Diploma Tracks